Trustyourplace is the first global social media platform not requiring any registration or personal data.

It is made to assess the social goods of every village, town, district or region.

The World Social Capital Monitor is a project within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Partnerships
Trustyourplace has been selected for the goals 8, 10, 11 and 16.


These partners are supporting the World Social Capital Monitor:

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Web: http://www.puc.edu.kh/
UNWTO, Madrid, Web: http://www.tourism4development2017.org/knowledge/world-social-capital-monitor/
NUAWE (National Workers Union), Kabul, Afghanistan, Web: http://nuawe.org/?lang=en
Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, Tirana, Albania, Web: http://www.ippm.al
outh Association for Development (YAD), Quetta, Pakistan, Web: http://www.yad-pk.org
International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Web: https://www.ius.edu.ba/
University of Montenegro, Department of Sociology, https://www.ucg.ac.me/
University of Niš, Serbia, https://www.ni.ac.rs/
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Skopje, Macedonia, http://www.isshs.edu.mk/
Institute for Development Research Riinvest, Kosovo, http://riinvestinstitute.org/
Management Innovation, Training and Research Academy (MITRA), Kathmandu, Nepal,
University of Zagreb, Croatia, https://web2020.ffzg.unizg.hr/
Bürgerinitiative Zivilcourage (BIZ), Vöcklabruck, Austria, http://www.ekiw.com/
Studies and Economic Media Centre, Taiz, Yemen Republic, www.economicmedia.net
National  Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia (NACCSOL),
All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU), Faizabad, Gujrat, Pakistan






Technology & Development
Shah Saquib



Scientific Director
Dr. Alexander Dill



Programming & Design
Nguyen Huu Qui

Advisory Board


Prof. Pahlaj Moolio, Pannasastra University of Cambodia

Prof. h.c. Dr. Horst Teltschik, Political Advisor

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